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Friday, March 09, 2012

EA set to release three Battlefield 3 expansions for 2012!

EA and DICE has revealed at GDC, three Battlefield 3 expansions that will be coming throughout 2012. Coming this June, is the first expansion: "Close Quarters", then "Armored Kill" in fall, and last but not least, a fitting "End Game" for the winter. These are not just map pack releases but are actual and proper expansions which will introduce new environments, weapons, vehicles, assignments, and what is said to be the biggest map in Battlefield history.

It's good to see that DICE is actually delivering good content, and by good content, I don't mean just map packs like a certain other FPS which I shall not name. I also like how each expansion is themed and promises to give the players a new and different experience. Information about the last expansion "End Game" is still tightly guarded, but this is a good thing as it feels like a surprise almost. Once I get my gaming PC, I'll be sure to get Battlefield 3. 

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  1. I would definitely try these expansions out, especially the close quarters expansion!

  2. chomping at the bit for this.....

  3. I guess it's good it's an add on and not a new game entirely.

  4. Great I played bf3 earlier today but my HD 6870 isn't cutting it upgrading to the amd 7870 when that comes out!

    1. My PC can't even run BF3 without it feeling like a Powerpoint slideshow!

  5. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know what any of this stuff was. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

  6. What a surprise, EA wants more money.

  7. you know what would be awesome. being able to drive an air craft carrier. how bad ass would that be!? lol

  8. I hope they continue supporting it for more than just a year