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Monday, February 13, 2012

Five New Trailers for Mass Effect 3!

As if one new awesome trailer wasn't enough, Bioware decided to release FIVE new awesome trailers for Mass Effect 3, each focusing on the different features of Mass Effect 3 such as the game's story choices, in-game customization, enemies, and co-op multiplayer. 

I'll provide the links to the trailers to Bioware's official website, but be warned, some of the videos will contain minor spoilers so watch at your own risk!
  1. Plan your Custom Arsenal 
  2. Choice matters with Interactive Storytelling
  3. Check out the Intense Gameplay
  4. Learn more about Co-op Multiplayer
  5. Fear the Ruthless Enemies
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  1. Looks awesome!!!! BTW thanks for commenting on my blog I have added you to my daily loop!

  2. Really can't wait, just made a new game in ME2! :D

  3. this will be awesome - following

  4. Unless it comes out on Steam I won't be buying.

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  6. If the trailers are as good as they seem then I might consider buying Mass Effect for the first time ever.

    1. Too bad games are hardly ever as good as the trailers. One game that I think are as good as the trailer is probably Asura's Wrath. The whole game feels like CGI!

  7. I wish the femshep trailer had been cgi