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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Killing Floor 85% Off!

In celebration of selling 1 MILLION copies, Tripwire Interactive is offering Killing Floor for an insane 85% off through Steam this week. The game by itself costs $2.24 USD, and the bundle that includes all 6 DLCs costs $4.03 USD during this sale. Despite the game being released in 2009, the developers have been very consitent in providing regular updates and DLC content.
Here are some interesting stats for Killing Floor:
  • 45 MILLION hours of Killing Floor has been played in total.
  • Nearly 2 MILLION Killing Floor DLC have been sold.
  • Zeds are being killed at a rate of 20,000 an hour.
  • 440 MILLION Zeds have been dispatched in Achievements alone.
  • The KF community has created hundreds of custom maps.
If you've been looking for a game to play lately, it's time to grab Killing Floor quick!

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  1. I never heard of this game before, then again I've never been on steam before.

    Thanks for showing these games that I've never heard of before!

  2. Hm, interesting, I am not the biggest gamer out there, but I have not heard anything about this game too, going to look it up..

  3. That seems like a really good deal, actually :D.

  4. Been wanting to play this since i saw a couple of vids over a year ago so cheers for the heads up.

  5. So much savings, thanks for sharing this info!

  6. never heard of this game before
    thanks for the post