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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mojam Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle, which is well known for releasing game packs for the price of anything, is teaming up with Mojang, the people who is developing Minecraft, to bring you The Humble Bundle Mojam. This bundle will be created and livestreamed over the weekend and is already ready for pre-ordering. The revenue, as usual, will be going to four charities, they include Child's Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Charity: Water, and The American Red Cross.

The genre and theme of the game was decided by poll votes from the community. It has been voted that the game will be a Real Time Strategy, Shoot 'em Up, set in an Ancient Egpyt Steampunk theme. I really wonder how this game will turn out.

Check out the livestream here!


  1. This stream is very interesting! I love the inside look at developing games. Thanks for this!

    1. Haha, even though most of the time they're coding, it's still rather interesting to watch.

  2. Oh Jebus that game sounds so awesome already.

  3. With a name like Humble Bundle Mojam it has to be good

  4. always love humble bundles
    sadly, won't be participating in this one.... :(

  5. No one's complaining about Mojang making a game, and everyone knows this is for charity. The point is, I'd be just as happy to buy this bundle for charity if it were a fully functional game, not a half-assed, rushed, piece of shit. Games made in couple of weeks feel rushed, let alone a weekend.