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Saturday, February 11, 2012

More bad news for Diablo III fans

It has been recently made known by Blizzard's Community Manager, Bashiok, that Diablo III is going to have these features:
  1. Diablo III will only support 4 players.
  2. Diablo III will not have built-in voice chat at launch.
  3. Diablo III will not have any higher resolution textures in the final game.
First of all,  Diablo III has 5 classes, and possibly more in the future, multiplayer support for only 4 players? And no higher resolution textures? What the hell are they thinking? Bashiok also did mention that changing the graphics to an Ultra setting wouldn't make any difference at all.
All of the changes sounds like Diablo III is being made catered for consoles, and all they want is money.

I'm not even sure if Diablo III will be good any more. But one thing I know for sure is that Blizzard won't be getting any of my money.
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  1. Meh, Blizzard seems to be getting less and less awesome as the years go by...